Prior to a criminal investigation, involved jurisdictions should undertake a sufficient preliminary review of any indications and allegations, using all available sources, including financial and law enforcement intelligence and open source, and where appropriate share financial information with concerned FIUs, with a view to support subsequent criminal investigations.

It is essential to obtain and analyse immediately all information available domestically about concerned individuals and their associates, as well as their financial situation and economic ties. The widest range of possible offences should be identified. The information, analysis and possible offences should be summarized to facilitate the exchange of relevant intelligence within and between concerned jurisdictions. This summary will be invaluable to help prepare and prioritise formal investigations.

In order to prevent the possible dissipation of assets, consideration should be given to proactively and promptly sharing this information or summary information with other concerned jurisdictions, through financial intelligence unit (FIU) channels of information sharing, where available.

Last modified: Thursday, 13 August 2020, 3:37 PM