Free interactive certificate courses on key skills to investigate corruption and money laundering and recover stolen assets
Free interactive certificate courses on key skills to investigate corruption and money laundering and recover stolen assets
Course Image Open-source Intelligence

Open-source Intelligence

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is a central element of most corruption and money laundering investigations. The information and evidence you can gather from publicly available sources can make the …
Course Image {mlang fr}Coopération internationale et demande d'entraide judiciaire{mlang}{mlang es}Cooperación internacional y asistencia jurídica mutua{mlang}{mlang pt}Cooperação Internacional e Assistência Jurídica Mútua{mlang}{mlang other}International Cooperation and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters{mlang}

International Cooperation and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters

Corruption and money laundering cases generally require investigative efforts beyond domestic borders. Why? A company paying bribes for a contract might be located in a foreign country. Perhaps asset…
Course Image {mlang es}Análisis Operativo de Reportes de Operaciones Sospechosas{mlang}{mlang fr}Analyse Opérationnelle des Déclarations d'Opérations Suspectes{mlang}{mlang ru}Оперативный анализ{mlang}{mlang uk}Oперативного аналізу{mlang}{mlang pt}Análise Operacional de Relatórios de Transacções Suspeitas{mlang}{mlang other}Operational Analysis of Suspicious Transaction Reports{mlang}

Operational Analysis of Suspicious Transaction Reports

Analysing suspicious transactions for activities related to money laundering or the financing of terrorism is a core function of Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs). In this course, you will learn to…
Course Image {mlang fr}Analyse financière réalisée avec Excel{mlang}{mlang pt}Análise financeira utilizando Excel{mlang}{mlang uk}Фінансовий аналіз за допомогою Excel{mlang}{mlang es}Análisis financiero utilizando Excel{mlang}{mlang other}Financial Analysis using Excel{mlang}

Financial Analysis using Excel

For most investigators, Excel is the tool of choice to analyse financial information. In this course, you will use Excel to organise and analyse large volumes of data such as banking records, invoice…
Course Image {mlang fr}Visualiser les cas et les flux d'argent{mlang}{mlang pt}Visualização de casos e fluxos de dinheiro{mlang} {mlang es}Visualizcion de casos y flujos de dinero{mlang}{mlang other}Visualise Cases and Flows of Money{mlang}

Visualise Cases and Flows of Money

Corruption and money laundering investigations often involve complex structures of persons, companies and other entities. This is challenging to present to a supervisor or colleagues, or even in a co…
Course Image {mlang pt}Análise da origem e utilização dos fundos{mlang}{mlang es} Estado de origen y aplicación de los fondos{mlang}{mlang fr}Analyse des sources et des applications des fonds{mlang}{mlang other}Source and Application of Funds Analysis{mlang}

Source and Application of Funds Analysis

The Source and Application of Funds Analysis is a simple yet powerful method to prove unknown or illegal income in a corruption or money laundering case when direct evidence is not available. It is a…