UNCAC Chapter V - Asset recovery

The United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) explicitly states asset recovery as a fundamental principle of the Convention (Article 51, UNCAC) and dedicates an entire chapter to asset recovery (Chapter V). This chapter outlines, inter alia: 

  • measures to be taken for the prevention and detection of transfers of proceeds of crime (Article 52); 
  • measures for direct recovery of property (Article 53); 
  • mechanisms for recovery of property through international cooperation in confiscation and international cooperation for purposes of confiscation (Articles 54 and 55); 
  • measures for the return and disposal of assets (Article 57). 
Several articles in other chapters also relate to asset recovery and the role of CSOs. Relevant sections relate to: 

Other relevant articles

  • participation of society (Article 13); 
  • prevention and criminalization of money-laundering (Articles 14 and 23); 
  • protection of reporting persons- or whistle-blowers (Article 33); 
  • compensation for damage (Article 35)
  • cooperation between national authorities and the private sector (Article 39); 
  • bank secrecy (Article 40); 
  • mutual legal assistance (Article 46).

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