Method of engagement

Monitoring the management of assets.

Possible actions

  • Ensure that proper audit, reporting and oversight mechanisms on the management of confiscated assets are put in place by the authorities in charge of the repatriation effort.
  • Monitor and track the projects funded by repatriated assets, and collaborate with concerned (local) populations on this.
  • Audit financial statements and reports of repatriated assets to verify the accuracy of information about their use and ensure appropriate protocol was followed.
  • Try to formalise an official role or mandate for CSOs in the management of returned assets and/or the monitoring and oversight process.
  • Make publicly available information regarding the receipt of assets, the declaration of the intended use of assets, actual expenditures, and the results achieved.

Best practices

Ensure that you have the technical capacity available for managing and/or monitoring projects (e.g. financial accounting/audit expertise, engineering, etc., depending on project).


CSO example

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