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Article 189(1) Unjust Enrichment

1. A person who holds by the right of ownership the property whose value exceeds 500 MSLs, while being aware or being obliged and likely to be aware that such property could not have been acquired with legitimate income, shall be punished by a fine or by arrest or by a custodial sentence for a term of up to four years.

2. A person who takes over the property referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article from third parties shall be released from criminal liability for unjust enrichment where he gives a notice thereof to law enforcement institutions before the service of a notice of suspicion and actively cooperates in determining the origin of the property.

3. A legal entity shall also be held liable for the acts provided for in this Article.

Type: Criminal Illicit Enrichment Laws

Last update on LEARN: 3 мар. 2022