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20. Property Deemed to be Acquired Illegally

(1) In case the statement of property submitted in accordance with prevailing laws by a public servant deemed to have held a public office in accordance with prevailing laws seems to be incompatible or unnatural or in case he/she maintains an incompatible or unsuitable lifestyle or it is proved that he/she has given someone a donation, gift, grant, present or has lent money beyond his/her capacity, he/she shall prove the sources from which he/she has acquired such property and if he fails to do so, such property shall be deemed to have been acquired in an illegal manner.

(2) In case it has been proved that a public servant has acquired property in an illegal manner as referred to in Sub-section (1), he/she shall be liable to a punishment of imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years as per the amount of the property acquired in such a manner, and a fine according to the amount of property and the illegal property acquired in such a manner shall also be confiscated.

Type: Criminal Illicit Enrichment Laws

Last update on LEARN: 3 mar 2022