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Article 6-1

If a public servant is suspect of violating any one of the following offenses and if the prosecutor has found during the investigation that the said person, his or her spouse or their under-aged children have had inconsistent increase in property or income at the time of the commission to the offense or within three years thereafter, the suspect may be ordered to make an account of the increased property or income. If the person fails to make a[n] account without reasonable excuse, cannot make a credible account or makes a false account, he or she shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of less than five years, detention and may also be punished by a fine not to exceed the amount of the unaccounted-for increase of property or income.

The crime set forth in Article 4 and the foregoing article.
The crimes set forth in Paragraph 1 of Article 121, Paragraphs 1-3 of Article 122, Articles 123-125, Paragraph 1 of Article 127, Articles 128-130, Paragraph 1 of Article 131, Paragraph 1 of Article 132, Article 133, Paragraph 2 of Article 231, Paragraph 3 of Article 231-1, Article 270, and Paragraph 1-5 of Article 296 in the Criminal Code.
The offense of Article 9 of the Organized Crime Control Act.
The offense provided for in Paragraph 1 of Article 10 of the Smuggling Penalty Act.
The offense set forth in Article 15 of the Drug Hazard Control Statute.
The offense of Article 36 of the Human Trafficking Act.
The offense set forth in Article 16 of the Weapons and Ammunition Control Statute.
The offense of Article 89 of the Medicinal Affairs Act.
The offense of covering up the offenders of the Child and Youth Sexual Exploitation Prevention Act
Other offenses committed through the use of the power given by one's official position, the opportunities and means thereof.

Type: Qualified Criminal Illicit Enrichment Laws

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