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Country Law
Federal Criminal Code, 14.08.1931 (last reform of 22.06.2017)
Criminal Code 2002 (as amended by the Criminal Law 326 as of 23.12.13)
Criminal Code (as amended 11 May 2017)
Penal Code (Law No. 24/2019)
The Prevention of Corruption Act, 2059 (2002 AD)
Criminal Code, Law No. 641, Approved 13 November 2007
Ordinance No. 92-024 of 18 June 1992 on the suppression of illicit enrichment
National Accountability Ordinance (XVIII of 1999)
The Anti Corruption Law No. (1) 2005 (as amended by Law by Decree No.(7) of 2010 Pertaining to the Amendment of the Law of Illegal Gain No.(1) 2005)
Criminal Code of the Republic of Panama, Law 14-2007 (with amendments introduced by Law 26 of 2008)