Open-access guidelines and practical resources on asset recovery, illicit enrichment and wildlife crime
Course Image Corruption in marine wildlife trafficking

Corruption in marine wildlife trafficking

Part 4 of the Wildlife crime – understanding risks, avenues for action learning series explores how corruption facilitates marine species trafficking.

Course Image Informal governance

Informal governance

Unwrittenrules, special favours, “reaching an understanding”. Informality is what happens outside the formal, rules-based system - and the study of informality has big implications for the fight against corruption. 

From 2016-2018, the Basel Institute on Governance, in partnership with University College London and SOAS researched informality and its relationship with corruption and governance. A multidisciplinary team ofresearchers explored how corruption really works in seven countries in East Africa and Eurasia.

Their findings shed light on why "conventional" anti-corruption practices have been so unsuccessful to date, and on the kinds of policies and interventions that could have a bigger impact in the fight against corruption.