Method of engagement

  • Informing society about the importance of asset recovery and system weaknesses that cause assets to be lost/stolen.
Possible actions

  • Use blogging and social media to disseminate messages.
  • Conduct research and publish results, including in the local language(s).
  • Create and provide information about asset recovery on your website.
  • Make announcements about your work and governmental actions regarding asset recovery.
  • Maintain a journalist/media contact person database for your press releases.
Best practices

  • Only use and disseminate information from credible and verifiable sources.
  • Assess the accessibility of the media you use to disseminate information (i.e. assess whether the internet is widely accessible, or whether people are more likely to watch TV, listen to radio or read newspapers, etc.).
  • When applicable, involve the local community in research.
  • An awareness campaign, and particularly the dissemination of information, is expensive – be aware of your cost limitations and target your efforts accordingly.
  • If possible, use follow-up evaluations to determine what awareness raising techniques are successfully conveying messages to your target audience.

CSO examples

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